Now that YouTube is the second most-searched-for website on the internet, most people in marketing realise just how crucial video production is to their content marketing strategy.

So, why should you be diverting more of your budget towards this rising star of marketing channels in 2019?

1. It supports better SEO

Google loves videos and Comscore research has found that the addition of a video to your business website can boost its likelihood of getting a front page search listing result by a factor of 53! This does mean doing it, however, and your videos will need to be search optimised in order to make it easy for Google to crawl and rank them.

2. It grabs your audience’s attention

Research shows that video grabs audience attention far quicker and more powerfully than any other communication channel. And, in a world of branded content saturation, this attention grab is absolutely key. Make your video content short, sweet, compelling and on-brand and provide something of value to the customer. All of a sudden you’ll be seeing an uplift in shares, engagement and those precious conversions.

3. Better engagement

Visual content drives superior engagement and video particularly supports this truism. In fact, data shows that digital audiences are 10 times more likely to share, engage, comment and embed video content compared to social posts and blogs. That is definitely something to think about when working through your social media postings calendar!

4. Tech is favouring video

As users consume more video and demand drives production supply, today’s digital technologies are increasingly geared towards video marketing efforts. An example of this is the auto-play feature in Facebook, which positively demands attention.

5. Better opportunities for content optimisation

It’s hard to know just how well a blog is performing. But video has a rich feedback loop built into its very nature. Measure how many times your video was watched, where drop-offs occurred, how many times it was shared, what the click through rate was and other key metrics – even at an individual level. This knowledge will help you to figure out what is working and what you need to revisit.

6. Better retention

Over 65% of video watchers see over 25% of any video – which vastly exceeds rates of consumption for text content. If you’ve got a message you need your prospects or customers to see, video content could be the way to do it.

7. Enhanced email click through

Video in emails increases click-through rates by 100%. Imagine getting this kind of result from a text based email alone! It is incredibly doable with the power of a good video, made by a good video production company.

8. More accountability

Whatever your message may be or the goals you are looking to achieve, because video is such an effective form of engaging with your audience, it provides you with the strongest ROI than many other forms of marketing. Check out this infographic by HubSpot that explains exactly how effective video can be.

9. An enhanced emotional connection

Video is also the best way to forge emotional connections with your audience online. It allows attributes that text simply doesn’t, such as music, tone of voice, body language and expressions. Evoking that emotion is a powerful driver in consumer behaviour.

10. More conversions!

The holy grail and the primary reason for adopting greater use of video into your marketing and content plans this year is the fact that it converts a greater number of customers. In fact, 71% of marketers have said that conversion rates for video are better than for any other kind of marketing content.

So how will you use video marketing to inform, engage and convert your customers in 2019?