Animation is an extremely effective marketing and communications tool in the aviation industry. Whether it’s for businesses in civil aerospace, airline, or military sectors; 3D animation, as part of a digital marketing strategy, can help introduce new technology, explain how it works, and clearly communicate value to potential customers, investors and stakeholders.

With its ability to showcase complex processes, products, and concepts in a dynamic, engaging way, 3D animation is a valuable resource for an aviation company, it’s marketing and strategic communications.

It also provides an effective alternative to traditional filmed video content that often struggles with high costs and numerous limitations.

The team at Spark Engine has a sound understanding of the aviation industry, marketing campaigns, and business goals. In this article, we will share the 5 reasons why 3D animation should be an integral part of your aviation marketing strategy.

Eclipse 550 parked in an aircraft hanger
Eclipse 550 parked in an aircraft hanger

3D Animation can visualise new technology

3D animation is the perfect medium to visualise new technology within the aviation and aerospace industry. With its ability to create accurate, lifelike visuals, it can help potential customers and investors understand how new products or services work.

3D animation also allows aviation and aerospace businesses to visualise technology, products and services that don’t yet exist. With the developments in CGI technology and 3D applications such as Cinema 4D and Blender, it’s possible to create photo-realistic renders and animations based on reference images, sketches and CAD files.

Combining advancements in 3D design and animation with that of VR and AR, aviation companies can bring their products to life at the initial concept stage and before entering full implementation.

The aviation and aerospace industry can benefit hugely from CGI and 3D animation to gain a strategic advantage over competitors and to gain market share. Whether it’s to pitch new concepts to investors, generate awareness of new technology target audiences, or produce case studies at events, 3D animation as part of an effective video production strategy is a perfect tool for aviation marketing.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II flying in formation alongside a BAE Tempest
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II flying in formation alongside a BAE Tempest

Animation can simplify the complex

It’s important to ensure that marketing and communications for aviation and aerospace companies are clear and easy to understand. In most cases, creative animation and motion graphics are the perfect solution for breaking down complex technologies, products and services, and communicating them in a manner that is easier to follow.

Animation can be a great way to show how things work, without the need for long, explanatory text. It can also be used to demonstrate potential problems and solutions, or show how a product or service works in action.

This makes animation an ideal medium for training and safety videos, as well as marketing and promotional content. With aviation, airline and defence businesses relying more and more on online video content, the use of animation can be a real differentiator and help to engage with customers and investors in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

In aviation, airline and defence industries, in particular, animation can be a powerful tool for simplifying complex systems and technologies. Animations can be used to explain everything from new aircraft designs to cockpit procedures, making it much easier for people to understand the intricacies of aviation. They can also be used to create training content for pilots and ground crew, which can save time and money in the long run.

F-35 Lighting II preparing for wind tunnel testing
F-35 Lighting II preparing for wind tunnel testing

3D animation is an alternative to aerial filming

We’re big fans of aerial filming and photography and like nothing more than watching epic footage of aircraft flying in close formation. However, air-to-air filming is incredibly costly, has many limitations and is inherently dangerous. It also presents a challenge when the aircraft or aerospace technology you want to capture on video doesn’t yet exist! That’s where 3D animation comes in.

In recent years there have been huge developments in 3D animation software such as Cinema 4D and Blender. Combined with render engines such as Redshift and Octane, it’s now possible to create photo-realistic CGI renders and 3D animations, perfect for aviation marketing and communications.

Utilising 3D animation can also allow aerospace marketing companies to showcase aircraft, technology and procedures on the ground or in flight, in any scenario, anywhere in the world.

Whether you need a shot of an F-35 Lightning II flying at the speed of sound or a CGI render of aircraft that are not yet in service, like the BAE Tempest – it’s all possible with creative 3D animation from Spark Engine.

CGI render of an F-35 Lighting II flying over a frozen lake
CGI render of an F-35 Lighting II flying over a frozen lake

Animation can increase engagement

It has long since been recognised that video content and animation are one of the best ways to create engagement with your audience. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, so it’s no surprise that aviation and aerospace companies can make huge gains in their marketing strategies when adopting creative 3D animation.

Aviation marketing is all about making an impression and showing potential customers and stakeholders what an aviation company can provide and how they deliver value.

Written articles and brochures certainly have their place within a marketing mix, but when an aviation business is looking to cut through the noise on social media or to get the most from their website, video and 3D animation is a proven approach for delivering maximum engagement to your target audience.

Whether you’re a marketing agency working within the airline industry, or a marketing campaign manager at an aviation business, Spark Engine offer a wide range of creative 3D animation and motion graphics services to help with marketing, communications and advertising challenges.

Eurofighter Typhoon blasting through the valleys
Eurofighter Typhoon blasting through the valleys

Animated videos can help boost sales

The aviation and aerospace industry is hugely competitive, and in the most part, ultimately comes down to increasing sales. Whether it be an airline marketing its latest commercial jet, or an aerospace systems company unveiling a new piece of technology, what matters is how your message is delivered.

With the limitless possibilities of 3D animation and motion graphics, combined with how effective video content is as a communication medium, the aviation industry can enjoy increased engagement with the audience resulting in greater sales.

Let’s look at some stats; 84% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads and 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI.

The creative 3D animation, motion graphics and CGI services at Spark Engine can assist aviation companies in various ways when it comes to increasing sales. From animations to introduce your brand for use online, on your website and social media content, to bespoke videos for use when pitching to investors.

3D animation is a powerful tool for achieving greater sales and increased market share.

Spark Engine Typhoon Design
Spark Engine Typhoon Livery

Choose an animation studio that is passionate about aviation

From flaps and slats to knots and angle of attack, we’re massive aviation enthusiasts who are well-versed in the latest aerospace technology and terminology. This ensures that the animations and CGI we produce at Spark Engine are accurate and realistic.

The animated and video content we produce at Spark Engine is utilised by clients in the aviation industry and others such as technology, energy production, engineering and finance. And whilst the subject matter may differ, we have perfected a production methodology that ensures the whole process is easy and results in top quality animations that deliver commercial results.

When we’re not producing high-end 3D animations and motion graphics, we’re attending airshows such as RIAT and visiting museums like the Avro Heritage Museum in Greater Manchester.

We’re fascinated by the industry and technological advances unravelling before our eyes and want to play as much of a part in future developments as we can.

For more information on how we can help with your aviation marketing, please get in touch at or call +44 (0)330 043 0120. Alternatively, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.