If you’re looking at marketing your business, you’ll certainly be aware of the power of video to convey your brand message.

But there is one sub-genre of video marketing that deserves closer attention, and that is animation. By this, we don’t mean facile cartoons or low-budget whiteboard videos, but professionally made, effective animations that can explain and sell your core concepts better than just about any other form of content.

If you’re wondering if animated video marketing is the right choice for your company, we’ve rounded up seven of the biggest advantages of promoting your company through the medium of animation.

1) It can make a complex story simple

Nothing beats animation for its capacity for economical storytelling. It gets straight to the key parts of the story, drawing customers in with a compelling tale. A few frames of animation can be more powerful than thousands of words.

2) Show, don’t tell

Animation gives marketers the chance to show anything – aliens landing on earth, the apocalypse, a bear eating the prime minister… The sky is the limit, which means that the most complex features of your business can be shown visually, instead of requiring lengthy descriptions.

3) Eye-catching

You need only look at the predominance of animated movies in the list of recent blockbusters to realise the power animation has to grab – and hold – viewers’ attention. If a good business idea can win customers’ respect, you first need them to notice you, and this is where the power of eye candy is paramount.

4) Transcends language barriers

A skilfully produced animation doesn’t need much of a script, as it’s primarily a visual medium. This means it can surpass the limits of language barriers, allowing your marketing campaign to appeal to a much wider demographic.

5) Budget control

Consider all of the logistical considerations that go into filming a traditional live-action video: the crew, the catering, the location… the list goes on and on, and expenses can quickly get out of hand. Not so with animation, where it’s much easier to keep a handle on costs and to keep them from spiralling out of control.

6) Distinctive style

Tone and atmosphere are easier to keep a handle on with animation, as the overall style of animation has a direct impact on the feel of the resulting video and the way it is perceived, meaning greater overall control of the message.

7) Closer to the edit

If the details of the company, the script or the product change over time, it is easier to go back and edit a voiceover than re-cut a live-action movie. So animations very often have a longer shelf life than other promotional films.

If you are looking to create an effective, state-of-the-art animated promotional video, it’s important to hire an animation company that knows the genre inside out and will be responsive to your requirements.

In the sphere of video production, London-based Spark Engine stands tall for its ability to create intelligent, imaginative video for businesses.

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