An explainer animation video is a great communication tool that you can use to get your message across.

This is especially important for start-ups hoping to secure funding for new ventures from investors and financiers. Devising a killer script for such media is something of an art, but it’s essential if your animation video is going to strike the right chord with potential investors.

Get the basic structure right

Every film script follows the same basic structure and the same should apply to your explainer animation video.

The first part of the video should explain ‘what’ the audience’s problem is. The idea here is to engage the audience so that they want to watch the whole video. Potential investors will need to be convinced that what your business is offering will be of sufficient interest to clients to generate enough revenue to be profitable.

The video should then go on to show ‘how’ your product or service can solve the audience’s problem. Investors want to see how the product actually works. This part of the video is crucial, especially if the product requires special production processes for which your start-up is seeking funding.

Finally, you need to show your audience ‘why’ your product or service is superior to that of your competition, and it is this part of the explainer animated video that can be used to ‘sell’, as well as inform. The ‘selling’ involved here refers to your efforts to convince potential investors that you can make your new business stand out from the crowd and attract clients from already established businesses. A really memorable animated explainer video will stick in viewers minds, ensuring that it is your company and product they remember, rather than a competitor’s.

Example: Claimable Explainer Video Animation

Keep it short and to the point

If your video is too long, your audience will switch off halfway through and will lose interest. Bear in mind that 160 scripted words equal about one minute of video and your optimum video length should be around 90 seconds before your audience loses interest.

Make your point

A marketing video designed at securing funding for your start-up should be short, delivering your message directly and quickly. To do this, explain the main point of your product or service, highlight what sets your business apart from the competition, and explain to your audience of potential investors why they should invest in you.

Be audience focused

You should encourage audience feedback by asking lots of questions about their opinion of your product or service. This gives you the chance to go into more detail about what you are offering, presenting you with a perfect opportunity to convince financiers that they are putting their money into a good investment.

In conclusion

An explainer animation video is a great way to get your message across to an audience of would-be investors in your new start-up business. London-based video and animation production company, Spark Engine have many years experience in creating successful explainer animation videos for a wide variety of businesses and brands.

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