Yes, that’s right, Spark Engine has moved to a new home in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. Bringing video production, motion graphics and animation to the ‘burbs!

A year ago, we expanded our team outside London and set up a new studio in the Ancoats area of Manchester city centre. This Northern studio allowed us to work more easily with the plethora of financial and technical organisations in the area, capitalise on the growing talent pool of the north – as well as focus on growing the Motion Graphics, animation, CGI and VFX side of our business and support our London base.

No sooner had we got things ‘just so’ and properly settled into Manchester then the global pandemic took hold. We had been ticking along nicely, but had time to reflect in lockdown – so we’ve taken the progressive decision to up-sticks once again, to a Victorian mill in Altrincham, which just so happens to be above a brewery 😎.

Crew Hubs – our “new normal”

Although we loved our office ‘in the thick of it’ in Manchester city centre, the pandemic brought about change that forced us to adapt to new working norms. Fortunately, we already had the tools and expertise to work remotely and effectively collaborate – we’ve been doing this for years with clients and specialist partners. Now, our focus is finding the right balance of keeping our team safe, collaborative and delivering great work for our clients. 

Working from home has its benefits, who enjoyed commuting anyway? However, working remotely has it’s shortcomings for certain individuals, circumstances and tasks – especially over a long period of time.

The solution: Our new Altrincham studio, in addition to our studio in London, will become Crew Hubs. These are studios based within easy reach of our team, to be used as and when we see fit, in addition to working remotely. If some of our team prefer not to work from home, or for when we gather round to develop creative ideas, these crew hubs will allow us to employ a flexible, hybrid setup.

Each crew hub is equipped with everything we need – Meeting and collaborative areas, workstations and edit suites. Below is a CGI render of our Altrincham Crew Hub.

Radium-House, Greater Manchester

The Future

Our aim is to create world-class videos and animations, with exceptional support and service for our clients. We feel that this move will only serve to improve the calibre of our work, whilst ensuring our team is happy and healthy. 

Our ambitions remain huge, as we seek to work with more of the most exciting finance, technology, aviation, engineering and pharma businesses across the Northwest and beyond. And with our move comes growth, we are pleased to have a number of job vacancies, these can be found here.

Our new Northern address is:

Radium House
Bridgewater Road
Greater Manchester
WA14 1LZ

We hope to be able to welcome you for a brew very soon!

Contact us to learn how we can help your brand to harness the power of video and animation.