1. Discovery

Defining and interpreting your brief. From there we employ a critical set of services we provide helps not only identify exactly what it is you are looking to achieve with video content, but develop a strategy of how to best communicate your message, engage your specific target audience, and achieve every objective.

Includes: Company background, brand insight, audience analysis, strategic objectives, competitor analysis, emotional perception, tone of voice, marketing integration.

2. Creative

Transforming discovery findings into creative substance. Once we know what you want to achieve, who you want to engage, and what you want the results to be, our team will define a creative approach that will hit every note. Directors, writers, designers, marketers and animators all work in unison, with your objectives at its heart.

Includes: Creative development, design, scriptwriting, storyboards, style frames, pre-visualisation.

3. Production

We plan, shoot, edit, animate - every stage of the pre-production, production, post-production process is all handled under one roof.

Includes: Production management, casting, location scouting, in-house films crews, HD, 4K, 6K filming capabilities, 360° filming, green screen filming, aerial filming, editing, 2D & 3D motion graphics, animation and much more.

4. Deployment

Once your video content is complete, together we need to ensure the right people are seeing it and it's generating the maximum ROI possible. We can help advise, implement and manage your entire distribution strategy, ensuring the right audiences are seeing your video content, generating maximum commercial results.

Includes: Distribution strategy, brand marketing integration & deployment, clearcast management, multi-channel distribution and optimisation, video SEO, social media optimisation, campaign versioning, translations, transcriptions, ROI optimisation.

Types of videos we make