Finance & Prof Services Video Production

Specialised division of Spark Engine that specialises in helping finance and professional services firms achieve more with video & animation.


Corporate Video production

The time for questioning if financial services should use video production as part of their marketing and communications strategy has passed – it’s now simply a question of who is going to do the best job.

Spark Engine is a specialist video production studio that understands the communication and logistical challenges facing businesses within the financial services sector. And we know how to help you create an effective solution. We produce videos, animations and CGI content that help you to update, educate or inspire –  and connect with your target audience.


Creative Spark filming with PWC
Movebubble filming with Spark Engine London

What type of videos do we make?

Whether your aim is to elevate your marketing and communications across the board or create specific video campaign content to launch a product or service, we are very experienced when it comes to creating high quality, professional videos for financial services organisations. If geopolitical events or regulatory change require you to get a message out at the drop of a hat, we can work quickly, efficiently and reactively.

By truly understanding your strategic and commercial goals, and utilising our technical abilities  to carefully craft videos, animation and CGI, we are able to level-up your corporate communications.

Why So “specialist”?

Since we first opened for business in 2012, we’ve had an affinity for producing video, animated and CGI content for technically orientated organisations, in industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology and aviation.

We therefore know that financial services organisations, such as yours have a specific set of communication needs, which don’t simply revolve around churning out content:  to be effective, your videos must resonate with a specialist audience as well as seamlessly integrating with your other communications. This comes down to how well your video production partner understands your subject matter and the level expertise in the field of video production. That’s where Spark Engine can step in.

If your communications strategy would benefit from engaging, effective video content, choose Spark Engine, the specialist video production agency that will enhance your corporate marketing.

Would you consider Spark Engine to help with your financial services video content?