You may never have thought of using video marketing as a way to promote your products or services. The time is now.

Your attention may have been drawn on creating good content on your web pages and blog to stand out to potential customers. However, in this evolving digital age, video marketing is on the up, therefore you can’t get left behind. There’s no doubt that video marketing has a huge impact on an audience, but why is this?


Video marketing is an effective way of playing on your audience and customer’s emotions. Whether humorous, sad or quirky, the mood of your business should be reflected in your video.

Scientists believe then when we watch a video, we initially think about what we have witnessed and then feel a particular emotion afterwards. Emotions are fundamental for gaining recognition as they are powerful and force activity. This is perfect for businesses who aim to sell products and services. Customers and clients can often connect with those people featured in videos to become emotionally involved.


People are overloaded with information. After a long day at work, the last thing they want to do is come home and pages and pages of text. A video sums up your product or service quickly and simply, meaning your audience doesn’t have to think too much. Research shows that 96% of consumers are persuaded by videos when contemplating making a purchase or hiring a service. 58% believe that companies are more trustworthy if they incorporate a video on their site.

Clients who like your video may share it with their friends, which can get your company name out there and without them even realising, they are practically selling your brand to others.


There are two types of memory that will play a huge part on consumers remembering your brand:

Sensory memory

Our sensory memory is how we remember certain things from our senses. Video marketing can play on these senses so that consumers feel the need to purchase an item by creating the correct visuals. It is best to appeal to as many senses as possible for the technique to be effective. This is so that consumers can use their memory to recall events connected to the senses, encouraging them to take action.

Long-term memory

There is an unlimited capacity within our brains to store important information, which is known as our long-term memory. Memory plays an important role in selling your product to new customers, therefore in order for your video to stay in the mind of your consumers, the emotional attachment must be present. In order to do this, a relationship must be built up over time. Create a number of videos so that your brand stays firmly in the long-term memory, rather than the short-term.

Take a look at your product, service and marketing strategies and see if there is anything that could be changed. We serve clients worldwide from our offices in London and would be happy to help with your video marketing needs. Contact us today to find out more.