No marketing medium is proving to have more immediate impact today than that of video.

In some sectors that may seem to be obvious, but what has become apparent is the power of video to really drive forward the marketing message of the otherwise rather staid financial services sector.

Why video matters

On any corporate website, content is king and blogs and infographics certainly play their part, but video introduces, literally, a whole new dimension to the marketing message. Video is accessible to everyone via computers, tablets, iPads or smartphones.

Videos communicate on two levels simultaneously: through sight and sound. To recall, for a nanosecond, the ubiquitous attraction of television says it all. Not only does the visual message appeal more directly to our emotions, it remains more memorable for much longer. The stats say so: 96% of consumers find videos helpful when buying online; 93% of consumers claim post-purchase instructional videos are invaluable; including a video in email marketing improves click-through rates by 65%; YouTube has more than a billion unique users per month; and video now accounts for up to 90% of global consumer internet traffic.

Finance as a sector has traditionally been a little bit slower – and justifiably more cautious – on the uptake of video content, although the larger banks and financial institutions are beginning to reap the rewards of the emotional impact of well-made videos. Now is definitely the time to factor in video as an effective medium that relates your financial package to the lifestyles, expectations, hopes and dreams of potential customers and indelibly imprints their memory with life-enhancing images associated with you and your product or services.

We now know that people retain up to 95% of information imaged in a video for 72 hours, compared to only 10% of read text.

Financial decisions are ‘slow-burners’

Financial investment choices are often a slow-burn process for many customers. They tend (validly) to want to do a lot of research before committing hard-earned funds for investment. Their research generates genuine questions, not just about the industry’s jargon, but also about how specific packages address their particular needs or aspirations and achieve their financial goals.

Video is an extremely effective way of answering legitimate questions, putting processes into plain language, and providing a visual demonstration of the risks and benefits of particular products. It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster either! A professional video production company, such as ours, can create short clips addressing the more common questions prospective investors pose. While not necessarily speeding up the purchase cycle – due to the many elements to investigate – it will definitely help customer retention if you are able to provide the information they need.

The (not so) boring

There’s no hiding the fact that some corporate and financial communications can be difficult to make engaging. Sometimes even by their own admission, clients’ refer to some subjects as complex or even ‘dry’.

Here’s how you don’t do it

Corporate video by it’s very definition carries some negative connotations in the world of video production, but not to us!

We see it as an opportunity to take something technical, something important to our client and their audience, and transform it into original and engaging video content. This doesn’t mean our corporate videos are unnecessarily creative either. Instead, clever script writing, carefully choreographed filming and lighting, plus deft post production and editing is what transforms the dull into the engaging.

Here’s how you do it!

If you’re in financial services marketing, banking or fintech, and have an important message to communicate with your audience, get in touch and we’ll discuss the various ways we can make it happen.