As we adapt our way of life in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we can see those who are still able to operate make gains by utilising technology to continue their work and communicate with their audience.

We’ve been using remote working apps and conferencing tools like Zoom for years, it’s how we communicate with our international clients. Now, along with a number of other tools and tricks, we’re seeing ways in which the lockdown can be abided by, whilst business continues.

If you are an ambitious technical brand working in finance, technology, pharma or online sectors – your audience is still listening – now more than ever.

Whilst filming and other video production duties have been limited in line with government guidelines, there are a number of ways your video content needs can be fulfilled during these unprecedented times – here are five ways we can help.

one: Motion graphics & Animation

Motion graphics, animation and visual effects (VFX) usually make up around 75% of our video production output. Combine that with our team that is now fully operating remotely –  we’re well-poised to increase the amount of animated and motion graphics videos produced during the lockdown.

Animated videos are a popular choice for our clients in technical sectors, even when there isn’t a pandemic going on. There are a number of benefits to utilising motion graphics and animation; here’s our top five…

  1. It’s possible to achieve higher production-value in animated projects £ for £ compared to live-action
  2. Complex products, services and messages can be more easily communicated
  3. An almost limitless number of styles are available, from 2D technical line drawings to high-end photo-realistic 3D and everything in between
  4. Animated videos can be more dynamic and engaging. As everything is in our control, we don’t have to rely as much on locations, filming styles, the people on camera etc
  5. Motion graphics and animated videos can be produced remotely.

Example: Incopro – Brand Animation

Two: Re-purpose existing content

We occasionally work on projects whereby we are tasked with utilising pre-existing materials to produce fresh content. As technical brands are producing more and more video content, there are innovative ways we can re-purpose this content to engage with your audience.

Whether you have a stock of interview content, b-roll or event footage, there are a number of ways we can re-purpose these to fit a new narrative and message. You can see from the examples below how we’ve been able to re-purpose existing content, whether it be in a fast-paced product launch animation or a corporate video.

Example: MadCatz – Product Launch Animation

Example: J.P. Morgan – Corporate Video

Three: Enhancing online experiences

Many sales and marketing professionals within finance and technology sectors are quickly adapting and utilising technology to ensure business continues. Video calls, online demos, WebX’s and webinars have seen a massive uptick – and as audiences adjust to this new norm, how do you ensure yours is the most engaging and effective?

Like with corporate video in general, it’s no longer a case of ‘if’ you need it, it’s ‘who can do the best job’. As more technical brands adopt video as a means of communicating their message, it’s down to video production companies like us to ensure content and experiences are unique and innovative, that are on-brand and commercially-focused.

Here are a number of ways we believe technical brands could be enhancing their online experiences during the lockdown;

  1. Utilising animated videos on product and service webpages to communicate the proposition
  2. Animation and motion graphics videos on native social media platforms such as Linked In
  3. Video and animated content to significantly enhance webinars and WebXs
  4. Animated video to improve sale, onboarding and internal communications
  5. Motion graphics and animated videos to visualise press releases, market updates and company updates.

Example: J.P. Morgan – Explainer Animation

four: Hourly billing

Remaining flexible is a big part of what we’re about, now more than ever. Whilst projects may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to complete, during these lockdown times, we’re opening our services to help with more ad-hoc requirements.

If you need an old video updating, an animation that needs to fit your new branding or content that needs to be tweaked, get in touch and we’ll show you how quickly and effectively this can be turned around.

Five: Free Strategy Session

As you can see from the above that there are a number of ways technical brands can harness the power of motion graphics and animation to enhance their sales and marketing communications, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is why we’re now pleased to offer a free strategy session for new and existing clients who are interested to see what a progressive, carefully-crafted video content strategy can look like.

For more information, please contact Chris Chart on +44 (0)330 995 0616 or via e-mail.

Moving Forward

The ultimate objective is, of course, to stay safe and for nations to deal with this pandemic as effectively as possible in order for us all to return back to our everyday lives – perhaps even with a few changes on how we can better live, work and exist together.

Just as we’re seeing local communities come together, business adapting their work to weather the storm – we can all get through this together.

Our door is always open (metaphorically speaking), so if you have any questions at all relating to video, animation or motion graphics, please free to get in touch.