123 Agent: Explainer Video

Client: 123 Agent
Duration: 1:11

The Challenge
Everyone knows that more and more businesses are going online, and estate agents are no exception. This is great for consumers as they are able to access these businesses whenever they please. The challenge for estate agents is that the online space becomes quickly saturated with companies all chasing the same customers.

So what do you do? Exactly what 123 Agent did and contact Spark Engine.

The Solution
123 Agent wanted something fun and engaging. No better way to do that (and more) than by creating animated explainer video.

These type of videos are the best way to capture an audiences attention, explain what a business does and why they’re great – Exactly what this explainer video did for 123 Agent.

The Process


The Results
The new 123 Agent website will soon be live, then we’ll see the significant impact an explainer video animation will make.

After all, the fact that people retain over 50% more information through the use of visual and verbal learning cues is one of the main reasons explainer videos increase website conversion rates by over 20%.

Just think… next time you’re on a website and there’s a video, did you watch it? did it have your attention? The answer is probably yes, because they work.