Cisco IoT: Mobile World Congress

Full video production and on-site post production services provided for the world's leading IoT brand, exibiting at MWC in Barcelona.

Event Video

The Project

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and Cisco IoT (formally Cisco Jasper) were part of the action.

Taking pride of place in the ‘innovation city’ hall, Cisco IoT were showcasing their revolutionary products and services, showing the world what is possible with IoT. Spark Engine was there to capture it all on camera.

Spark Engine filming MWC

The Process

Cisco IoT, like the other world-class technology brands exhibiting at MWC, invests significantly in communicating their brand and proposition at these high profile events. We had the pleasure of being invited along to capture it all on camera to produce a mountain of video content, ensuring their investment at the event went much, much further.

We flew out camera operators, kit, producers, directors, editors – everything required for total video coverage of the event. Working closely with Cisco IoT, we not only captured the atmosphere of the event and their impressive presence, we strategically planned and executed interviews with partners, customers, and attendees.

It’s all well and good filming everything then bringing it back to the UK to edit and release, but on this occasion, we needed to do things differently. Our team worked like clockwork to film everything and edit the same day, live at the event, releasing four videos per day to the Cisco IoT audience.

But this didn’t stop there. By working closely with the client, the video strategy went beyond the event, allowing us to produce a further 15 pieces of video content for release online.

This is a shining example of how technology brands working with a reliable, strategic video production company can achieve the maximum ROI when exhibiting at industry events like MWC.

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