Colourful, upbeat and engaging explainer video to introduce Claimable and their revolutionary tech start-up proposition

Explainer Animation

The Project

Claimable is a tech start-up that has created a platform that will revolutionise the insurance industry. They approached us to create a video that quickly communicated their proposition that didn’t fall into the trappings of traditional insurance industry marketing.

Motion Claimable
Motion Claimable

The Process

As soon as we sat down and spoke to Claimable, hearing how they’re mission is to transform such a traditional industry, it was clear that a motion graphics explainer video was the perfect solution for their requirements.

As with every project, we discussed what makes them different, what their commercial objectives are, and how video can help. This led to our writers creating a clear and snappy script that hit every note, then our designers and animators produced visuals that complimented their brand identity.

The final result is a fun and engaging motion graphics video that clearly represents Claimable and their proposition to the insurance industry. The video sits pride of place on their website and is used across social media and as a sales & marketing tool.

If you’re interested in how an explainer video like this can help your business, please get in touch and we’d be happy to share more information on how to make this happen.



We're delighted with the end result and thanks to you and your team for a great job!

CEO, Claimable

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