Claimable: Explainer Video

Client: Claimable
Duration: 1:26

The Challenge
Claimable is a cloud based claims management tool. Their product revolutionises the way companies handle claims to provide the best possible service to their customers.

The challenge was that Claimable is a young, dynamic tech startup, penetrating a market that is typically a bit “old fashioned”. Combined with public perception of the insurance industry being less than desirable (in some cases), Claimable wanted something engaging, informative but fun to break down those preconceptions.

Ultimately, they wanted a video to help them increase their client base and establish themselves in the market… so they came to Spark Engine.

The Solution
Once we’d listened to everything the guys at Claimable had to say, it was clear that the best way to achieve their goals, both creatively and commercially, was to create an animated explainer video.

Creating an animation like this is the best way to connect with an audience online in a clear, concise and engaging way. It also allowed us to create something with a bit of humour to help set Claimable apart from some of the more traditional companies.

With that, we set to it! Our writers wrote a great script and our animators (who love a bit of 2D animation) produced the fantastic 86 second animation you see before you now.

The Process
Some of style frames we produced as part of the pre-production process.





The Results
It’s early days yet, but the guys at Claimable have already said that this video has proven to be a super effective way of attracting and onboarding new customers.

We always stay in touch with our clients to see how well their content is working for them, so we’ll update with more precise figures when they’re available.