Eurex: THX

A sharp and engaging corporate video to introduce the new trading hours extension at Eurex.

Corporate Video

The Project

We have a strong relationship with Eurex and have produced many corporate videos and animations for them for over the years. This time around, they required a video to promote the launch of their extended trading hours – and they needed it quick.

Spark Engine filming Eurex

The Process

Corporate videos like this are our bread and butter, we love making them. We thrive off the opportunity to take something that is typically quite standard and transform it into a sharp piece of film that we and the client can be proud of.

As with most corporate video shoots, we’re used to being parachuted into a business to film. However, it’s the time and care we take beforehand to ensure everything is planned and there is a clear vision for how this video content can excel.

We work closely with marketing and brand managers to ensure that the style, tone, and pacing of the video perfectly compliment their wider identity. We then conduct the interviews, ensuring every line is delivered perfectly. Combining that with the latest video production technology and techniques to produce a corporate video that clearly communicates, engages and compels.

All completed within 7 days – we love it

Editing Spark Engine


Really great video that will work perfectly for us. Thank you for your hard work and for making everything so easy!

Communications Manager, Eurex

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