Icon Solutions

Conceptual 3D animation to introduce a payment tech company. For use at events and online.

3D Animation

Client: Icon Solutions
Agency: ISEEPR

Icon Solutions, a payment technology company, approached Spark Engine to help produce a 3D animation that they could use for events and in wider areas of their sales, marketing and communications.

Working in collaboration with iseepr, we developed an eye-catching 3D animation that grabbed the attention of their target audience and communicated key messaging.

3D Animation Studio Case Study
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The ChallEnge

The client had the initial shoots of an idea that we helped shape into a fully-fledged concept that delivered on all objectives. They liked the idea of greenhouses and how they represented incubating, nurturing and growing plants businesses and operations.

We discussed how historical solutions were clunky, could become congested and ultimately fail, and how it compared to this modern, flexible solution.

The Solution

We created two worlds; one being an old, congested city with a smoggy factory, and the other being a futuristic, clean, eco greenhouse in the clouds.

Using 3D animation, we were able to create environments that we had complete control of – from what action takes place, to the time of day, weather and special effects.

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On time on target is important but at Spark Engine they put their thinking cap on too. No nonsense approach yet highly reactive and creative. A pleasure to work with and as Mancunians very able to work with straight talking Dutch people too.... The result is very effective animation - b2b, not an easy topic, but super execution!

Project Lead, Icon Solutions

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