Incopro: ‘The Why’ Video

Dynamic motion graphics video to introduce Incopro as a leading intellectual property protection technology firm to engage new audiences.

Promotional Video

The Project

Incopro is a technology company that helps protect the intellectual property of some of the largest brands across the world. They approached us, wanting an engaging video to engage new and existing customers and to complement their new brand identity.

Incopro had an open mind and an appetite to create something unique – so it was our pleasure to work with them to create something beautiful and effective.


The Process

As with most projects, we started by listening – listening to what Incopro does, where they have come from, how they’re unique and where they want to be. This is a critical stage of our specialist video production service, allowing us to get inside the business and align ourselves with marketing and commercial objectives.

Armed with our development findings, we recommended the use of motion graphics to communicate their brand and proposition. Motion graphics is the perfect video production technique as it suited their brand identity, tone of voice and perfectly marries the seriousness of brand IP protection, with their technical product, Talisman.

We presented storyboard and style frames, then got to it.

Our team of in-house writers created the script and our animators and motion graphics designers brought it all to life. Within just a few weeks we delivered a highly engaging motion graphics video that sits pride of place on the Incopro website, is used across social media and as an integral part of their sales and marketing strategy.

‘The Why’ video produced for Incopro is a brilliant example of how we can help technical brands and transform the technical into engaging and memorable video content.

If you are a technical brand looking to collaborate with a specialist video production agency to help produce stunning video content, please contact us to find out how we can help.




The video looks great! I love it and think you guys have done a great job, can’t wait to make many more with your team in the future.

Marketing Manager, Incopro

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