Mad Catz: Back in the Game

After a turbulent time, this 3D animated video showing tech and gaming fans that Mad Catz are back, stronger than ever before.

Product Launch Video

The Project

Mad Catz is a globally recognised gaming peripherals brand. Recently we’re pleased to see a resurgence of the brand as they continue to penetrate a competitive market.

Mad Catz wanted a video to make it known that they are back, and mean business.


The Process

After working with Mad Catz for a number of years, we’re familiar with the style that works with their international enthusiast audience. As soon as we got off the phone speaking with them we knew that a dramatic 3D animated video would be the way to go.

Our 3D motion designers got to work producing an epic scene visualising the resurgence of the brand. Set in a derelict warehouse, we take the audience on a short journey how they have rebuilt and come back stronger.

This was one of the first projects we created using the Octane render engine, which has completely transformed the level of work we’re able to produce. GPU rendering is the business!

The video did exactly what we set out to achieve, and that was to make an impression. The video was featured across the internet on press and industry websites, along with Mad Catz’s website and social presence.

These style of product launch videos for technology brands are exactly the kind we love to make. If you are involved with similar technical brands and want something similar, please get in touch and we’ll show you what’s possible.

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