PwC CEO Survey

A high-end corporate video that combines 3D CGI to enhance vital statistics to engage and educate a specific audience

Corporate Video

The Project

Every year PwC produce a CEO survey, which illustrates the changing landscape of business in key areas; this time it was people, data & analytics and artificial intelligence.

Working closely with our technology PR & marketing comms partner Axicom, we developed a series of innovative corporate videos that combined high-end filming with 3D CGI and VFX.

Spark Engine filming with PWC
Camera person filming with PricewaterhouseCoopers
Filming with PwC

The Process

There are many facets to producing corporate videos like these, but it’s something we’ve done many times before. As with every project, critical care was taken in the initial development phase to ensure every creative decision made was based solely on it complimenting the overall messaging and strategy of the CEO Survey.

Once all involved were happy with the storyboards, it was onto production. Filming took place at Spring Studios in London, set within a gorgeous warehouse space, where we filmed all three videos in a single day.

Once the filming was wrapped, it was onto post-production – where this project really comes into its own. From the start, we wanted to push this corporate video, which is why we called upon our extensive 2D & 3D motion graphics and animation skills. We created a set of unique CGI elements to visually represent the key messages being discussed within the videos. Finally, we utilised 3D camera tracking to combine the CGI elements within the video footage much more organically.

The results

The video content we produced for the PwC CEO Survey (in our humble opinion) push the boundaries of traditional corporate video. In a world where more businesses, especially within the financial services sector are increasingly using video – steps need to be taken to keep ahead of the curve and to stand out.

We believe these videos showcase how innovative corporate video can be when working with the right team. Here at Spark Engine, we’re specialist at producing video content for technical brands, especially those in financial services.

If you’re interested in producing innovative corporate video to broadcast your message, please get in touch.

Creative Spark filming with PricewaterhouseCoopers
Creative Spark filming with PWC

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