ScanSnap iX1300

Dynamic 3D animation to introduce the new product to market and visualise it's features and benefits.

3D Product Video

Client: ScanSnap
Agency: Axicom

ScanSnap released their latest scanner, that was made to be a flexible business tool, especially useful in the changing landscape of how we work today.

They wanted to promote the functionality of the product and visualise the various scenarios in which it could be used, whether it’s in the office, at a co-working space, or working from home.


The ChallEnge

The client wanted to show the various environments in which the product could be used and ways it could benefit it’s users. They also wanted to visualise the various features of the product, including technical and usability functions.

The Solution

Using 3D animation we’re able to create entire worlds, with limitless possibilities. Given that the iX1300 is made for use in various office and home environments – we built just that, several high quality locations in 3D to show off the products features and functions.

ScanSnap, with it’s global audience, required the animation in several languages, from English to Spanish, French, Italian and German. We auditioned voiceover artists from each region and facilitated the on-screen translations, given ScanSnap to opportunity to maximise the reach of this campaign content.

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