Wargaming: Panther

An epic 3 part series for the makers of renouned computer game 'World of Tanks', covering the rise of fall of the German WW2 tank, the Panther.

Branded Content

The Project

Wargaming approached us to create something special. With unprecedented access to one of the few remaining working Panther tanks, we had the perfect opportunity to tell its story.

World of Tanks has over 140 million players worldwide, many of which are military and history enthusiasts. Our challenge was to create a 3-part documentary on the rise and fall of the Panther tank.



The Process

Our team of writers and directors worked closely with historians across the world to create the 3 part narrative that documented the rise and fall of the Panther. We used archive footage to help build a picture and then took to writing 3 sensitive scripts that took the Wargaming audience on a journey as they’ve never been on before.

Once all scripts were locked in, we put a plan in place and headed for Saumur, France. Our video production crew traveled to the Musee des Blindes where the Panther is stored for a 3-day shoot.

Using a wide variety of video production kit and techniques, covering action sequences, interviews, 360° video, aerial filming – it was a lot of work but we enjoyed every moment.

Spark Engine camera person filming Wargaming


Incredible work - came together beautifully. Thank you!

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